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Air Conditioning

Electrical contractors mission is to help local areas in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida to stay comfortable through all seasons. We are the dealers of all types of air conditioning system in Delhi NCR. We guarantee for best price for any air conditioning system as we are one of the largest companies in Delhi who deals in air conditioning system

Window air conditioner

This type is the foremost commonly used system for single rooms. In this air conditioner, a single box homes all the elements, particularly the condenser, evaporator, compressor, cooling coil, and enlargement valve. A window air conditioner unit is fitted in a very window sill or an extract space’s wall that is specially created for it.

Split or ductless air conditioner

This system is named a “split” system as a result of it is created by 2 units: one indoor and one out of doors. The former houses the evaporator and cooling fan. The latter, meanwhile, homes the compressor, expansion valve, and condenser. Split air-con systems give the added convenience of not having to create a specialized wring the space wall. Also, fashionable split air conditioners do not take the as abundant area as window units.

Central air conditioning

This is best for large size buildings, hotels, movie theaters, factories, and alternative bigger areas. Fitting individual units like window air conditioners in each space of a massive building will get super expensive. Having a central air con system is that the additional sensible selection when it involves applications likes this.